White nails are oh-so-chic

Have you tried every shade of nail polish and thought about breaking the monotony? Then it’s time for some pristine white nail polish.

With the wide variety of nail colours in the market, white is not exactly a shade that most people would gravitate towards. It’s a colour that makes you wonder if it will look attractive on you or suit your skin tone.

Nail colours are basically divided into two categories – either natural hues or bright bold hues. White stands out and doesn’t quite fit into these categories.

But, don’t let it intimidate you as it’s a truly beautiful shade that helps you stand out. It’s like a statement piece.

On her special day earlier this year, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez chose to wear white polish. It was the perfect choice as it elegantly showed off her stunning engagement ring when she received Alex Rodriguez’s proposal.

Lopez was also photographed wearing white polish for the cover of Variety magazine recently, which seamlessly matched her white outfit.


Jennifer Lopez makes a statement with white nail polish — JENNIFER LOPEZ/ Instagram

Unlike bold and bright colours, white polish is a hue that flatters all skin tones and looks equally sophisticated on any nail shape or length. White can also come in a variety of tones.

Here’s a look at different variations of the colour.

OPI Nail Lacquer (Alpine Snow)
Get shiny tips anytime with a cream finish with this fresh, crisp white nail polish, perfect for French manicure tips.

whiteEssie Nail Polish (Marshmallow)
With a high, glossy shine finish, this polish provides flawless coverage along with durability and a streak free application.


Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polish (L02 Under The Covers)
This is a long-lasting and fast-drying formula for a five-day shine.


Butter London Nail Polish (Cotton Buds)
Like its name, this nail-strengthening lacquer is a cotton white hue with a formula that has nail-nourishing vitamins.

whiteJinSoon Nail Polish (Absolute White)
Offering modern simplicity this pure bright, shiny white nail colour gives a gleaming cream finish.


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